We decided to start 2022 with a curious mind. Given that our customers use our solution year-round, some even around the clock, we wanted to take advantage of the vast amount of data LUPNUMBER actually powers and holds. And what could be more intriguing than to learn more about the characteristics of our customers’ onsite logistics and their visiting truck drivers? To get going, we looked into more than 120k check-in records and 3k check-out records (not all customers have check-out functionality). So what did we learn?

  1. Communication – even if Polish is the dominant foreign language in Sweden among visting truck drivers, there is a substantial breadth in preferred languages that needs to be catered for in order to address the risks and challenges that stem from poor communication.

2. Site arrivals – traffic is highly predictable and, assuming you don’t load or unload goods 7 days a week 24 hours per day, chances are high that you could streamline your operations on Fridays and weekday afternoons.

3. Duration of visits – the average truck driver will stay at your site for 90 minutes awaiting loading or unloading of goods, and if the driver is really unlucky the stay could stretch to as long as 3 hours. And be mindful that this is only after check-in has been made, hours spent on a parking lot outside your site is not included..

Want to learn more about your onsite logistics and interactions? Get in touch and let’s explore together!