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2021 statistics for fatal accidents at work

We started 2022 fact-based and we intended to continue on that path. For us at Lup Technologies, the first quarter of a new year always means a deep dive into the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s statistics on last year’s fatal accidents. In 2021, 42 people

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How about we start 2022 with some facts?

We decided to start 2022 with a curious mind. Given that our customers use our solution year-round, some even around the clock, we wanted to take advantage of the vast amount of data LUPNUMBER actually powers and holds. And what could be more intriguing than

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What does LUP stand for?

It happens that we are asked what LUP really means. It is an acronym for Link Up Point and was a way to describe how we connected loading sites / links. LUPNUMBER is then a name for each place which in our system has a

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The capabilities of a yard management system

Frequent readers of our blog are well aware of the benefits for adopting a yard management system (YMS), either as standalone or as a complement to their transportation management system (TMS) or warehouse management system (WMS). In their report on trends within yard management technology

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High-low tech or high-tech within logistics?

Creating new solutions in a traditional field is not easy. It is not only that an innovation should solve a problem and make something better. The inventive step must be just right and in parity with the prospective customers. From my experience running a logistics

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